Here is a sample of our beers. All of our beers are unfiltered and naturally carbonated.  We rotate our beers on a regular basis, please ask if the beer you are interested in is available.


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Soft orange pour, tropical mandarin aroma, citra hops balanced with rich malt and a rounded grapefruit finish. Pairs well with everything. 

An easy drinking traditional Mexican lager with a slight amber hue. Brewed with 4% locally grown corn. 


Tufts Ship IPA named after our mothership that was once a bustling fruit packaging facility, Tufts Ranch. This bright IPA starts out as a classic IPA with a mixture of tropical, floral, stone fruit and pine notes from a complex hop profile that rolls into a soft bitterness.


A session version of our Separation Anxiety IPA, scaled down to 4%, showcasing mosaic hops carefully selected from Yakima Valley, WA. Simple, Bright & Balanced.


This bright ultra floral IPA showcases carefully selected mosaic hops from Yakima Valley, WA. Simplicity at its finest. 


An easy drinking lager brewed with 25% puffed jasmine rice and lagered to perfection. Goes down so easy it'll be gone before you know it.


Pours clear bright yellow with a crisp bitter finish. Made with only the best pilsner malt that perfectly rounds out the huge hop aroma from select noble hops.


Cold fermented, cold dry hopped, just plain cold.


Pumpkin Death is an Imperial Stout brewed every Halloween with 300 lbs of locally grown pumpkins. Roasted and smoked over bourbon barrel staves resulting in a rich creamy stout with hints of pumpkin, bourbon and a slight nuttiness with a smoky chocolate malt finish. The best part? Zero pumpkin spice. Zilch.


An easy drinking traditional Mexican lager with a slight amber hue. Brewed with 4% locally grown corn. 

Trubble Bubbles is our sparkling fermented botanical beverage made with only the finest ingredients. Clocking in at 5%. This refreshing hard seltzer was hand crafted in an independently-owned craft microbrewery. The resulting product is always clean, crisp and dry while each batch features locally grown botanicals, fruits and or spices.


An exemplary traditional German Helles Pale Lager. This bright lager is a perfect quench for a warm spring day.

Stank Pocket is a mellow yellow IPA brewed with an aromatic botanical arrangement along with mosaic and soriachi ace hops. Fruity and dank aromas dominate on the nose. Stank Pocket won't leave you high but definitely dry!


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